FUSION-AS Functionalities

An IOT solution designed for you

Business functions, 100% codeless

FUSION-AS functionalities

All the functionalities your business needs

Mobile equipment tracking

A single application to manage all your businesses

Open API

Zone entry and exit alarms

Automatic charting with generator

Prescriptive alarms (predictive maintenance)


Sending alarm commands

Operation alarms

Add your own information in the screens

Connected worker

Build your own graphs

Simple and complex data management

Compatible with all collection platforms

A rich and expandable
data model

The data model internal to the fusion platform takes into account your organization (regions, sites, players, authorizations, etc.) Moreover, if you need to manage data which is specific to you, then FUSION-AS allows you to extend the internal model of your own information. In addition, the possibility is offered to attach documents, external links at different levels to cover your document management needs.

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Calculated data

Calculated data
for a new dimension

Your sensors feed back raw information, but how do you transform them to display relevant information? How to display graphs in different units (bar versus psi for example)? How to display a power consumed from the voltage and current consumed? In this respect, the IOT Fusion platform will be of a unique help to you because you can develop new data on the basis of data from the sensors, including several different sensors.

Unique concept
of alarm management

The creation of an alarm according to the data received from a sensor is a basic functionality of any IOT platform. In addition, the sending of an e-mail or an SMS is also part of this “strict minimum”.

In this respect, the IOT Fusion-AS platform brings you much more, because it complements the management of alarms by management of business events and states. Consequently, your equipment will be able to emit an alarm only, for example, for the duration of a state. Indeed, exceeding a threshold, if we take this example, does not necessarily require alerting your users. But if this state persists, this may reflect an anomaly which justifies the emission of an alarm.

IOT rule engine
IOT rule engine

Powerful rules engine
of disconcerting ease

Managing alarms of all kinds has never been easier. Indeed, you naturally define the list of events, states and alarms relating to your business. You then apply a series of conditions to your data (including calculated data), based on data going back to a payload, but also on comparisons between several payloads, or even on the duration of an event. In addition, mobile equipment and connected workers are not forgotten because alarms can be generated based on geolocation.  

FUSION-AS functionalities

The list of standard conditions is already well supplied:

Threshold exceeded

State value

Data in or out of range

Entering or leaving a site or area

Comparison of 2 values of the same sensor

Comparison with a previous value

But, if you need more, we regularly incorporate new terms. In addition, for very specific needs, our micro-services architecture allows the writing of rules, either by e-novACT or by your teams.  

Integrated graph editor

Compliant with our UX / UI philosophy, the fully interactive graph editor allows you to display the data of your equipment. And if you add sensors, these graphics include them by default. Thus, you will just have to uncheck the data not to be displayed.

Set up your IOT charts
Geolocation and tracking with alarms

FUSION-AS functionalities

Geolocation and tracking

You manage mobile equipment. Then you can geolocate them precisely at any time. In addition, the automated route management will allow you to combine them with the associated alarms.

FUSION-AS functionalities

Native technical management
of your sensors

Acquiring connected objects is a virtual necessity of your digital transformation. But, we will have to manage these! Therefore FUSION-AS offers you as standard all the technical management of these sensors. Whether it is battery level management, a sensor no longer giving any sign of life, through the qualification of sensors sending you data.

FUSION-AS functionalities

Technical anomalies of IOT sensors

The IOT plateform FUSION-AS is available as a cloud solution SAAS or on premise. In the cloud solution, your data are completely secured in your private cloud