The first dedicated business IOT platform, 100% codeless

Fusion-AS: THE IOT industry 4.0 HSE and SmartCity platform

European IOT platform


The IOT Fusion-AS Platform is fully configurable, whether concerning your equipment, alarm charts and your teams.


All sensors, cloud IOT sources and non-IOT sources are connectable to the platform



You make the right decisions at the right time, therefore you prevent breakdowns, locate your equipment.


You inform your field teams, and therefore correct any anomalies before an incident occurs.

Modular IOT platform

The IOT Fusion-AS platform is made up of 3 modules. You activate all of these, or, depending on your needs, one or two of them.

Equipment monitoring

First of all, the equipment monitoring module allows you to manage all your industrial equipment, whether fixed or mobile.

Smart surface

Then, the smart surface module focuses on your technical surfaces in order to facilitate the interpretation of the data.

Connected workers

Finally, personal safety and managed by the Connected worker module.

What is the benefit of a modular IOT platform

This modularity coupled with a very elaborate profile management, while remaining very easy to configure, is the key that allows you to use our IOT platform in many business areas. Whether in industry or the Smart city, you will use one or more of these modules.

You are faced with many use cases in the field of Smart city. Whatever these are, our IOT platform provides you with all the answers

Fusion-As also treats in a standard way the respect of the parking times on the spaces minutes of your station or the quality of the lighting. Notifications are sent immediately by SMS and / or e-mail and only to the municipal staff concerned. The same is true for monitoring your energy and water consumption because alarms taking into account the time slots provide the intelligence necessary for truly effective monitoring. In addition, you no longer fear the loss of data linked to a faulty sensor replaced, because all the history is associated above all with your equipment and no longer simply with your sensors.

This is moreover even more true in the field of industry, where the loss of history can turn out to be catastrophic!

Natively integrating all the functions you need, it is possible to deploy an operational solution without going through the use of in-house developers or service providers, thus reducing the workload and reducing the costs of setting up your connected objects solution.

Much more than a simple IOT platform

All your data is associated with the object that is at the heart of your business. Thus, in the event of destruction or loss of a sensor, all the history is kept.

FUSION-AS integrates all the functionalities you need. For example, management of data calculated on the basis of data from the sensors is available. In addition, a powerful alarm rule engine and an automatic charting generator are available by simple configuration.

Powerful entitlement management is provided as a standard. Thus, only the actors concerned are notified (by email or SMS) if necessary.

IOT industry 4.0 platform

In short, the list is too long and the functionalities so powerful that we invite you to consult them in the page dedicated to the functionalities.

Connect and use

Having a platform is necessary; using a platform suited to your needs is ideal.

Agnostic platforms are too open or too closed and only know your sensors. On this point, Fusion-AS brings a real plus because it will focus on your business. Consequently, the response is adapted to your needs. Indeed, these are complex, because they must take into account your organization, your profession.

In addition to covering your needs, FUSION-AS also takes care of all the management of your fleet of sensors in a fully automated manner. Thus, battery alarms, but also loss of connectivity, bad pairing,… are directly integrated into the core of our IOT platform, which allows you to concentrate on the essentials.

It Is designed for immediate production

Get you up and running in less than an hour

Free you from technical constraints

The IOT plateform FUSION-AS is available as a cloud solution SAAS or on premise. In the cloud solution, your data are completely secured in your private cloud