IoT : e-novACT will consider BLE connectivity for demolition asset tracking

5, Sep 2019 | BTP, Innovation, R&D

A demolition company gives his IoT issue to e-novACT.

Hardware tracking is one of the most promising IoT applications in the deployment of connected objects. In particular thanks to their low cost for a large autonomy and a small footprint.

The monitoring of construction machines (location, operating rate) is carried out by equipping each tool and each shovel with adapted micro-sensors, and in a permanent way.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which offers a reliable protocol and a consistent range in the targeted context (>40m outdoor).

Devices mounted on the excavators also act as a gateway LTE-M to the IoT FUSION AS platform.

Data is then collected and processed on the IoT FUSION AS platform. Users thus supervise the equipment (location, referencing, site management, stock management, etc.) and optimise maintenance operations by setting up alarms relating to the operating times of the tools and excavators used.