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IOT Consulting : IOT advice: Setting up an IOT project represents a technological breakthrough. This cannot be improvised, and requires prior expertise. A good knowledge of the market and the technologies is therefore necessary.

It is this expertise that we propose to put at your service. Whatever your progress on the knowledge of this market, tell us where you are, we will tell you what it is!

Start well

How to start well, how to choose the scope of a first project, are often the first questions that arise.

IOT Consulting

Our approach then consists of evaluating with you the reasons behind your decision. We will be able to enlighten you and help you elect the project most likely to provide the answers to the questions you ask yourself. Of course, while preserving its operational scope.


IOT project consulting                              Innovation Consulting


A POC allowed you to validate the feasibility and viability of an IOT project. Following this POC, you now want to go into production

IOT advice: If the “innovation” aspect remains preponderant, this type of project must, like any other, be conducted with a certain methodology. Therefore, assess the ROI, approach the different phases, limit the risks in the face of constantly evolving technologies, and many other questions will arise. Our experts will then be at your side to help you find the right answers.


IOT project Consulting                   Operational IOT advice


For this, our experts will help you define specific objectives in terms of innovation. Thus, the objective is to offer value, bring a competitive advantage, and limit the risks.

We also strive to anticipate technological developments in the market. All of this requires a rational policy in terms of innovation. In addition, this policy must be part of the company’s strategy for the long term.

IOT Consulting: Resolutely convinced that innovation must be effective and serve the company, our experience, our pragmatism and our methods developed in-house have already won over our customers. 


IOT project consulting                                     Audit and Strategy

IOT Consulting : The use of industrial IOT is gradually invading the daily life of many sectors. Construction, transport, logistics, industry, and many others are concerned.
Because it benefits from the drop in technology costs, the appearance of adapted transmission solutions and new means of analysis, this set of technologies is becoming essential for companies: new services, improvement of operational activities, etc. appears as a real growth factor.

IOT Consulting

E-novACT develops complete innovative solutions for you to serve your performance and your industrial issues.

From sensor design, to project engineering consulting, e-novACT, from the study to the integration of your data within an IOT platform, your entire IOT project.


IOT FUSION-AS platform

The data model internal to the fusion platform takes into account your organization (regions, sites, players, authorizations, etc.) Moreover, if you need to manage data which is specific to you, then FUSION-AS allows you to extend the internal model of your own information. In addition, the possibility is offered to attach documents, external links at different levels to cover your document management needs.

Your sensors feed back raw information, but how do you transform them to display relevant information? How to display graphs in different units (bar versus psi for example)? How to display a power consumed from the voltage and current consumed? In this respect, the IOT Fusion platform will be of a unique help to you because you can develop new data on the basis of data from the sensors, including several different sensors.

IOT Consulting

The creation of an alarm according to the data received from a sensor is a basic functionality of any IOT platform. In addition, the sending of an e-mail or an SMS is also part of this “strict minimum”.

In this respect, the IOT Fusion-AS platform brings you much more, because it complements the management of alarms by management of business events and states. Consequently, your equipment will be able to emit an alarm only, for example, for the duration of a state. Indeed, exceeding a threshold, if we take this example, does not necessarily require alerting your users. But if this state persists, this may reflect an anomaly which justifies the emission of an alarm.




The IOT plateform FUSION-AS is available as a cloud solution SAAS or on premise. In the cloud solution, your data are completely secured in your private cloud