IOT Engineering Solutions

Project management of your IOT projects.

IOT Engineering

Support you towards the factory of the future

e-novACT supports you in finding your technical solution, implementing it in your company and projecting you into the 4.0 factory.


Our approach is primarily focused on responding to your needs. For this we analyze your IOT project with you. On this point, our experience of this type of project will allow us to advise you at best. In particular on the technologies and the options to be considered, our help will be invaluable.

Well versed in the best management and project management methodologies, our know-how is the guarantee of your success.

Our offer will always be calculated as accurately as possible, while guaranteeing the coverage of all your business needs through the systematic use of our Fusion-AS platform.

IOT Engineering


The realization of your IOT project is a real “turnkey” supply.

First of all, we help you deploy the system designed together. But also, we support you during the start-up and throughout the life of your project.

For this, we train operators.

We ensure the maintenance of the entire installation.

And offer you the possibility of making the system evolve as it is used and appropriated.

IOT Engineering

Unique approach

IOT Engineering: Above all, it is not simply a question of instrumenting equipment in a different way, nor of focusing on a machine learning problem. In the first place, it is a question of thinking the system in a global and evolutionary way. On the one hand, we must keep in mind the use of the data collected: first level alarms, location, etc. On the other hand, diagnostic aid must go through the search for weak signals in masses of data. It is thus possible to promote the know-how which makes it possible to improve the availability of equipment.

A triple contribution


First: take advantage of theoretical knowledge and apply proven methods.


Then: to promote field knowledge, the experience of the operator and the maintainer.

Machine Learning

Finally: implement technologies by learning, to enhance the acquired data.

The market is changing

In a market in full technological change and in terms of applications, it seemed necessary to us to offer an efficient engineering service.

… Because this is the expectation of our customers, but also the approach that we have carried out for more than 35 years in the industry.

Complex by nature

In conclusion, the field of IOT is complex by nature, because it implements know-how in terms of sensors, data processing, radio transmission, and Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, this type of project should be entrusted to a multidisciplinary and experienced team.

The IOT plateform FUSION-AS is available as a cloud solution SAAS or on premise. In the cloud solution, your data are completely secured in your private cloud