IoT: ESKAPE nominated to the 2020 road security challenge

20, Feb 2020 | BTP, Events, Innovation, R&D

This IoT solution developped with nomadic solution prevents road accidents.

ESKAPE was developed by e-novACT in partnership with nomadic solution. It is a system for the prevention of accidents and over-accidents.

The system consists of two parts:

a housing fixed on a traffic cone,
a gallows located as close as possible to the rescue workers, with a horn to warn the personnel to be protected.

As soon as a vehicle hits one of the equipped cones, the system triggers a powerful horn allowing rescue personnel to move away from the danger zone.

This solution, which has already been pimped at the 2018 convenience store show, has been nominated in the “Prevention of the consequences of an accident” section for the 2020 road safety innovation prize.