Industrial equipment manufacturer

Take advantage of FUSION in white label

IOT for Industrial equipment manufacturers

Advantages of FUSION-AS

Take your gear to the next level, connect your equipment to FUSION

More and more connectivity is added on modern equipment. Despite this, our clients sometimes need additional information from the IOT.

IOT for Industrial equipment manufacturers

In addition, each manufacturer offers its proprietary solution. But we understand that it is not possible for the end customer to multiply these. In addition, these proprietary solutions are very expensive to maintain.

Eliminate the cost of maintaining your proprietary application. So you no longer need to maintain your own platform.

Offer FUSION-AS in white label to your customers. We have developed FUSION-AS to respond to their issues.

Gain a strong competitive advantage by adding an interoperable and open platform to your offer.

The IOT plateform FUSION-AS is available as a cloud solution SAAS or on premise. In the cloud solution, your data are completely secured in your private cloud