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Your job as an IOT integrator naturally leads you to choose the FUSION-AS industrial IOT platform. Indeed, FUSION-AS is much more than a “low-code” platform dedicated to specific use cases. Because much more universal, this solution allows you to deploy it on all of your projects.

Particularly quick to implement, you carry out POCs for your customers with a strong competitive advantage. Indeed, the transition to production mode is carried out without interruption.

And as all your projects include a lot of need for integration with the existing IS, reporting, adaptation to the structure of the company… FUSION-AS makes integration easier for you.

IOT integrator: you are looking for a more efficient platform

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Customizable for your customers, the IOT Fusion-AS platform is the tool par excellence that allows your teams to promote your knowledge as an integrator. It is also available in white label.
An IOT platform intended for Industry 4.0, Fusion-AS is modular and responds to various issues from personal safety (HSE) to the management of industrial equipment via the Smart City. This modularity gives it flexibility of evolution in taking into account the current and future needs of your customers, and consequently a strong competitive advantage.

The platform is built around an IOT technical heart. This makes it possible to take charge of all the issues related to their management and is taken into account as standard without additional developments. You can then concentrate all the energy necessary to provide a response that is totally geared to the business needs of your customers.
Another advantage of this unique core: the organization of your customers is taken into account natively, with an alert notification matrix by e-mail and / or sms particularly advanced and easy to implement.

You will also benefit from all the developments as they appear.

And that’s not all. Your customers benefit from an IOT platform that can integrate future sensors. In addition, data from its IS, or industrial buses are also taken into account.
Because you take advantage of the many APIs available and the BI module that allows you to integrate specific reports directly into FUSION-AS, your competitive advantage is confirmed.
Let yourself be seduced by the wealth of features offered as standard. Device/equipment independence, calculated data, management of business events, complex alarm rules. Complete your offer thanks to our architecture based on micro-services.

The IOT plateform FUSION-AS is available as a cloud solution SAAS or on premise. In the cloud solution, your data are completely secured in your private cloud