IoT Platform: FUSION AS introduced to the ORANGE anticipation club

10, Dec 2020 | Events, Industry 4.0, plateforme IoT

e-novACT introduced its IoT platform FUSION AS to the ORANGE Anticipation Club.

It is a virtual trade show dedicated to IoT B2B professionals that brings together the ORANGE group’s partners, whether they are object manufacturers, integrators, publishers or consultants.

As such, e-novACT presents FUSION AS, its business-oriented IoT platform that brings together all the functionalities required to deploy an IoT project.

E-novACT also demonstrates the power of its platform associated with 5G for maintenance assistance with its partner Tikaway.

Finally, a demonstration implements an engine instrumented with sensors (temperature, current, vibrations, rotation speed) to ensure predictive maintenance. The data communicated to FUSION AS via ORANGE’s LTE-M network is processed by machine learning algorithms for fault prediction. This illustrates e-novACT’s ability to deliver a solution covering the entire IoT value chain by integrating the best of technology.

To learn more about e-novACT’s vision of predictive maintenance, read our white paper!