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IOT platform End User

Whether you are starting a first IOT project or want to go into production, the FUSION-AS platform is the fastest way to set up your project.

Indeed, its unmatched functional power allows you to deploy your IOT project very quickly. On this point, find all the features here.

Realization of a first IOT project

Do not limit yourself to the simple visualization of data returned by your sensors. Unlike other IOT platforms, Fusion allows you to attach this data to your equipment without any line of code or complex configuration. As a result, your POC is operational in less than 2 hours, including setting up your alarms.

We can also help you with the choice of sensors, and if necessary, design them.

Ultra fast deployment


Enter the characteristics of your sensors


Enter the characteristics of your equipment


Link the equipment to your sensors


Define your alarm rules


Pair your sensors with the equipment… It’s done!

IOT platform End User

Going into production of your IOT project

If you are lucky enough to have used FUSION-AS in the first phase, then everything could not be simpler. In fact, you will not have to do anything other than continue with the configuration.

Otherwise, we suggest that you use the existing one to start configuring our platform.

Regarding integration with your Information System, everything is delivered as standard in our platform. Not only does a meta-model allow you to enrich it, but also a full API set is available. In addition, the BI module allows you to start producing your reports from day one.

IOT platform End User

The IOT plateform FUSION-AS is available as a cloud solution SAAS or on premise. In the cloud solution, your data are completely secured in your private cloud