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As a manufacturer of IOT sensors, you have developed a cloud allowing them to be valued. Indeed, it is important to be able to demonstrate it quickly. In addition, this allows you to provide a directly operational solution for the realization of POC. However, the proliferation of these private clouds when going into production is becoming a very real problem.

IOT sensors: By choosing Fusion-AS for your sensors, you give them a new dimension. Because everything is included in our IOT platform. All of the technical alarms your customers can dream of (battery alarm, mute sensor, bad pairing, unknown sensor, etc.) are natively integrated. In addition, a powerful calculation engine allows your customers to change units, but to cross data between different sensors.

The management of business alarms is fully configurable because it is based on a powerful rules engine. Your customer will be able to compare values between two payloads, only emitting an alarm if a difference lasts more than a certain time so as not to generate false positives. You will also be able to define rules allowing you to ensure the correct functioning of your sensors. By being notified yourself of anomalies, you offer a much appreciated added value service.

Choose Fusion-AS and increase your income

capteurs IOT
capteurs IOT
capteurs IOT

On the one hand, you completely eliminate your support costs from your platform. On the other hand, you benefit at no additional cost from all the evolutions of the IOT Fusion-AS platform. For this reason, you gain a strong competitive advantage by offering much more meaningful demonstrations.

But that’s not all! You offer your customers an IOT platform that integrates its existing sensors, as well as data from its IS, or from the buses of its machines. You will also benefit from an installed base that continues to grow within large groups.

Join the first European business IOT platform. We take care of developing for you the connectors allowing an integration of your IOT sensors in the catalog. However, you can also develop these by yourself, by simple configuration.

The IOT plateform FUSION-AS is available as a cloud solution SAAS or on premise. In the cloud solution, your data are completely secured in your private cloud