Optimize your ready-mixed concrete deliveries

TRACKOMIX IOT solution concrete delivery optimization solution

The Trackomix IOT Solution is a turnkey IOT solution for the optimization of ready-mixed concrete deliveries. Concrete is indeed a perishable product. In this context, it is important to ensure rapid and efficient delivery.

TRACKOMIX consists of two parts. First, a box is placed in one second on any type of concrete mixing truk. In addition, a web application displays the information. Thanks to this, the box analyzes the movements of the mixer and the truck. It transmits the set by radio to the web application. Finally, the latter analyzes and reconstructs business information and alarms. For example, loading, leaving the plant, driving, stopping the vehicle, unloading are part of this information.

This information is then made available to the centralist. In addition, they can be exported to feed a planning or an invoicing ERP.

In addition, the centralist can be the recipient of business alarms. For example, we can cite an abnormally stationary mixer, truck stationary, and technical alarms: radio problem, battery problem…

Choose the TRACKOMIX IOT solution and increase your income


IOT TRACKOMIX solution: A surprisingly simple system

You do not need to install or modify the truck or the router. The system does not request the driver except for a few seconds to put the box down. The box has a hooking system and can be fixed on any type of spinning top: recent or older. The box is configured automatically as soon as it is installed and calibrates its operation to the top on which it is placed. It automatically communicates all the information useful for optimum management throughout a delivery. The application receives the data, then stores it, analyzes it, and returns useful information to the centralist. Some aggregated data can be transmitted to other IT systems: ERP, Planning, etc. In addition, the box is recharged by induction when it returns to the power plant on a standard charger (QI), making it operational again for new missions.

Designed by specialists

TRACKOMIX was designed by specialists in the delivery of bulk concrete and specialists in connected objects. The specifications come directly from real needs. The development of more than two years was carried out in close collaboration with tradesmen to adapt as best as possible to the requirements of the field. Therefore, TRACKOMIX is simple and directly operational.

The application part is intended primarily for centralists, but also for production or logistics managers. No hazardous handling, no manual entry, no intervention is required by the driver. TRACKOMIX works alone and completely independently. The box optimizes its power consumption to ensure sufficient autonomy. In addition, it chooses the best network connectivity to ensure its radio transmissions in the best conditions. It thus takes advantage of the latest technological developments in cellular network (LTEM) but is also able to automatically switch to other networks in the event of a coverage problem.

Very quickly profitable

Whatever the size of your vehicle fleet, Trackomix adapts to your technical and economic configuration. Indeed ,Trackomix can be sold or rented according to your needs. For this reason, the return on investment is very fast and can easily be calculated. Indeed, no longer having a delivery refusal from a customer is easily calculated. The system also helps streamline invoicing and optimize logistics.

In addition, it works on any device, tablet, or desktop pc

TRACKOMIX can be connected to an ERP or a planning tool, thus constituting a coherent and complementary whole for the optimization of the delivery of concrete.

The implementation teams are there to help you choose the best option, given your environment and your needs.

The IOT plateform FUSION-AS is available as a cloud solution SAAS or on premise. In the cloud solution, your data are completely secured in your private cloud